With video quality infinitely better year on year and audio slowly catching up too, Joes are going to need a device to support all this High-Res media. Say hello to Seiun, the world’s first line of media players to combine Hi-Res audio with UHD 4K video!

Seiun Hi-Res Audio and 4K Video Players

Since the inception of online music stores, the way we purchase and consume music has changed dramatically. And while the ease of which a whole world of music available is undoubtedly a great thing, unlike video quality, music quality has got a whole lot worse thanks to streaming services. Well, now it’s time for music to catch up!

Up until now, Hi-Res audio has been a rich Joes game with only those wealthy enough or passionate enough able to invest in it. But prices are gradually coming down and streaming services taking note, you’re going to need a device that can support it. Seiun players can play uncompressed Hi-Res PCM Audio up to 192KHz/24bit – to put that into perspective, that’s around 30 times more data compared to the average MP3 file.

The best bit about the Seiun is nothing revolutionary is needed to accompany it. All the players come compatible with a 3.5mm jack and for those who can’t afford a huge Hi-Res collection, the Seiun will also upscale compressed formats to 192KHz/24bit – so all your music will sound better regardless!

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The best Seiun available is the Pro X, a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080px touch screen, which comes with 64GB of built-in storage. It comes in a choice of Gold, Silver, Gunmetal or Rose finishes and can be connected to basically all streaming video services through the Google Play Store. I.e. Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Instant Video. It also come with Bluetooth for some added connectivity.

Joes can get hold of a Seiun from their Indiegogo Page where the media players are being funded. Prices start at a very thrifty £23 (£35) for a basic 192KHz PCM Audio Player and Recorder and rise to a still very reasonable £100 ($150) for the Seiun Pro X, which means a 4K Video Player and all the Hi-Res Audio you can wish for. Shipping is estimated in March 2016. Sounds like a bargain to us!

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