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Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones

Back in 1991, Sennheiser released the Orpheus HE90 headphones and at the time they were some of the most expensive headphones in the entire world. Costing around £10,000, they came with a top-of-the-line amp and were labelled as the best headphones ever made. Almost 25 years later, Sennheiser are releasing the successor to this legend. Say hello to the Sennheiser Orpheus.

The new and improved Orpheus comes with an updated look to suit contemporary design. All of Sennheiser’s new innovative sound technologies will be thrown into the new model and the electrostatic headphones will be made with some of the greatest audio parts ever produced.

The Orpheus will be assembled from more than 6,000 meticulously-chosen components such as gold-vapourised ceramic electrodes and a platinum-vapourised diaphragm. The amplifier that comes with the Orpheus will be similarly luxurious and will be made using marble from Carrara in Italy, naturally.

Sennheiser are also promising the Orpheus will able to produce bass lows and treble highs beyond the spectrum of human hearing. ‘Why?’ we hear you ask… because they’re awesome, that’s why!

“With the new Orpheus, we once again push the boundaries and show that we can repeatedly set new benchmarks in excellence and with that shape the future of the audio world,” said Daniel Sennheiser, CEO, Sennheiser.

The Sennheiser Orpheus is set to be one of the best headphones ever made and as such is unsurprisingly pretty expensive. How expensive? Just your €50,000 (around £36,000)! The Orpheus headphones are set to be hand-made in Germany next year, so if you want to blow your year’s salary on them, you’ll have to wait a little while.

You might also have to get in quickly as only 250 will be made per year. Though, we’re not entirely sure 250 people of the planet can afford these babies!




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