If you see the word ‘hub’ next to a product, while it might work wonders, chances are it won’t be the most attractive of things. Which is why we love the look of this Sense smart home hub made by Silk Labs – it’s sleek, stylish and would look like a contemporary ornament in any modern living space.

Sense Smart Home Hub

The look of the Sense smart home hub is obviously the main selling point here. It features a wooden base/block which holds up essentially curved Black monolith. We’re not sure the curved nature adds any functionality but it certainly looks cool as!

The Sense has been developed and produced by Silk Labs, a start-up based in California (obviously) which was born out of the team that created Firefox OS and is led by Andreas Gal – previously chief technical officer for Mozilla. So they’ve got the pedigree.

The idea of the Sense is to turn it into a platform for the smart home, allowing anyone to make apps for it so they can be controlled from one centralised hub. The makers say Sense will be able to connect with a variety of home products and connect with them in intelligent ways.

Sense Smart Home Hub 3
Obviously the true test with any product like this will be who they can get involved. At the moment, Sense can connect with Philips Hue and Lifx lights, as well as the Nest thermostat and Sonos’ sound system. There’s rumours of lots more and with that sort of pedigree involved, we’d imagine a lot of the big boys will get involved.

Sense is being billed as a very safe and secure option if you’re in the market for a smart home. As well as being aware of when you’re away from home, it also has a built in camera, so it can identify specific people when they enter a room.

The Sense smart home hub is being sold through Silk Labs’ Kickstarter campaign where prices start at around £175 ($249). Shipping is still a way off though with December being the date banded around. Having said that, its code will open up to developers before then so as soon as it does arrive, third party integrations should be good to go!

Sense Smart Home Hub 2



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