Sensorwake Trio Clock Wakes You Up With Smells Rather Than Alarms

Waking up is always going feel wrong and there’s very little we can do about it. But are ways of making it more bearable and the Sensorewake Trio alarm clock may just be onto something. Rather than waking you up with a bleating alarm, it wakes you up with the aroma of the likes of hot coffee, sea breeze or freshly cut grass.

The Sensorwake Trio is a standard alarm clock with one major difference: Using specifically designed capsules, an aroma is released to wake you up rather than an annoying sound alert, making the whole experience far more pleasant.

Though the smell alone has been proven to do the job – according to Sensorwake anyway – the alarm clock does also wake you up with light and finally sound just in case. The whole process works through capsules which are placed into the alarm clock and will release a smell for one minute.


It’s simple to set up, safe, healthy, and each capsule will last 30 mornings before it needs to be replaced. Current scents that are available for the Sensorwake;

  • Seaside
  • Edge of the Woods
  • Espresso
  • Peppermint
  • Biscuit
  • Tea Tree
  • Summer Melon
  • Apple-Cinnamon
  • Chocolate
  • Cut Grass
  • Orange Juice

If the Trio alarm clock works as well as Sensorwake claim, we think this is a genuinely awesome idea. Anything that can make early starts that bit more bearable has to be worthwhile surely? We’re just a little annoyed they’ve not made a Petrol scented one, seeing as that is the greatest smell on earth…

The Sensorwake Trio is currently being funded over at Kickstarter, where with over a month of funding left, it’s already smashed its target. You can grab your very own Sensorwake and two capsules of your choosing for around £59. Deliveries are expected in November 2018.


Earlier this year, Nintendo turned the GameBoy into an official alarm clock!