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Shirt Ironing Robot

Hate Ironing? Me too. But Siemens have a solution, and quite a unique one at that. The Dressman shirt-ironing machine (though we prefer robot!).

Although with Winter now firming on our doorstep, and many of us will pull over a sweater to save that little piece of ironing, ironing a crisp shirt is still a must for the modern male. Thankfully help is at hand from Siemens. The idea being that once your shirt comes out of the wash it is clamped onto the dummy like base, and smoothed out ready for your cycle of choice.

The Dressman Ironing Robot will then inflate the garment with its balloon silk skin and this presses against the clothing in order to shape it, with warm air drying it and removing any creasing in the process in around 6 minutes. One the cycle is complete, the machine will then blow cold air through the garment to set the job.

There are 12 programs to choose from to get the job done, and with it saving you time, I’m sure you wont might spending a little more money than the average iron & ironing board. The Dressman is a snip at around £1000 but unfortunately you might have to import it from Germany, not to mention the potential space in your pad.

Beats having to find a jumper to cover up that creased shirt though..



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