It’s a problem many of us face when we begin living with our Janes, but a device called the Silent Partner claims to have a sophisticated solution for incessant snoring. We’ve covered some products in the past but they’re usually complicated and too cumbersome to be used regularly. Silent Partner, on the other hand, is one simple strip that could make the world of difference!

Silent Partner Anti-Snoring Device

The Silent Partner anti-snoring device is built like the most sophisticated nasal plaster you’ve ever seen. By attaching it to your nose, Joes are sealed in what the makers are calling the ‘silent zone.’ The device then employs active noise cancellation to dampen out the sound of the snoring!

To be more technical about it, the Silent Partner senses the amplitude and frequency of the disturbing sound wave and broadcasts – in real-time – and combats it with a contrasting sound wave. Based on the physics phenomena of destructive interference, the two waves line up, essentially cancelling out each other’s sound.

Silent Partner Anti-Snoring Device 2
Sounds complicated to us but we’re than happy to take their word for it. And in fairness, anyone who’s ever worn noise cancelling headphones will know how effective the technology can be.

The cancellation on this device is so effective that Silent Partner say it’s effective from as close as 20cm away. As well as being effective, it’s also designed to be neat and comfortable, meaning your sleep pattern shouldn’t suffer at all.

The Silent Partner anti-snoring device is currently being funded on crowd-funding website Indiegogo where it’s already smashed its original target. It’s available for around £19 ($27), so while no-one has even tested it yet – you’re hardly making a bit commitment. Shipments are expected in November this year.

Silent Partner Anti-Snoring Device 3



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