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Skype and iPhone

Skype and iPhone

It’s official: Skype for the iPhone is currently available in the US Apple App Store for free.

Planned to be only available while using Wi-Fi, and not on 3G, it seems users running the iPhone beta 3.0 firmware can use the phone over 3G as well. However frequent crashes and poor audio do seem a problem for these users.

Users using full releases of software report excellent audio and features just as advertised. Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, full feature list include;

  • VoIP calls over Wi-Fi
  • Taking a photo from within the application and using it as your avatar image
  • Accepting incoming conference calls (but not creating them)
  • Sorting contacts alphabetically or by online status

If you’re a proud owner of a BlackBerry, do not dispare, because Skype has planned release for May. Though I am not sure about the Storm, as it currently has Wi-Fi locked?



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