Say hello to Max Braun, a Google engineer who decided he wanted his ordinary bathroom mirror to be more like the future we were promised in sci-fi films, and convert it into a smart mirror. The result looks awesome!

Smart Mirror

The Smart Mirror is constructed from a simple two-way mirror, a display panel and controller board, along with a load of smaller electrical components. The display is only a couple of millimetres thin and is layered between the two-way mirror glass and the door of the medicine cabinet.

It’s a basic concept in reality with Braun’s mirror taking useful data from ‘the cloud’ and displayed them around the edge of the glass. To the right of where your face would be the time and date are displayed; and to the left is the current weather and a 24-hour forecast delivered from the Associated Press. Lastly, he put a roll of some recent news headlines below. Every bit of info you’d need to start the day!

Smart Mirror Max Braun 2
Braun’s mirror doesn’t do anything too flashy and there’s no videos and very little colour but in theory there’s no reason there couldn’t be. As with any technology, though, the practicalities of it are important and Braun didn’t want any of the display to detract from the mirror’s main function.

While there’s nothing being sold on the market currently, Braun discovered that all the parts he needed were readily available – hopefully not just because he works for one of the biggest tech giants on the planet!

The Smart Mirror prototype is still a work in progress and as you can tell from the picture of the components, it would still need tidying up a bit. But it’s clearly caught the attention of the internet and implies there’s a market for one of the big boys to explore. Check out more details on Max Braun’s Medium Page.

Smart Mirror Max Braun 4
Smart Mirror Max Braun 1



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