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Sol Republic Tracks Headphones Review

Late last year, American brand Sol Republic entered the UK with their now quite famous Sol Republic Tracks HD Headphones. They are stated to be both interchangeable and indestructible and we set out to see if that is true! Read on for our Sol Republic Tracks Headphones Review.

Visually, I really do love these headphones, something about them seems to work and they are very bespoke in terms of the options and things you can change. The headband is available in a variety of colours (as are the cables) so you can change your look to suit your mood or attire, or given it is just plastic, why not just paint it yourself with your own custom look? You can also move the phones up and down the band to make sure you get the perfect fit for your head, no matter how strangely it may be shaped.

The problem is, and the only disappointing thing about these headphones, are they are nowhere near indestructible, and the part they refer to is actually just the headband. But from then on it it starts to look up. The headband it’s self is the II part (interchangeable and indestructible), I can bend it, throw it and do pretty much whatever I want to it. And unless I decide to run over it height ways with something rather heavy, I am pretty sure it isn’t going to break. That can’t be said for the actual phones though, they definitely seem tough and capable of a drop or two, but running them over? I am not sure sure…


The band slides on to two separate ear pieces, I would call these ‘on-ear’ in size, as they won’t fit over your ear unless you are Evander Holyfield. They produce a good, crisp sound with plenty of power and the mirror like finish on the ear pieces is very eye catching. The problem I found was that because of the elasticity in the head band it did pull the headphones into head. Now this is great for sports or running as they never come off, but can get a little uncomfortable over time.

If you are looking for a new headphone for throwing around, heavy use but something a little smaller and slicker than some mainstream brand, then the Sol Republic Tracks HD Headphones are definately worth a look. They are available now for £99.99.




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