While it might look like a giant alien spacecraft has landed off the Californian coast, the ‘Pipe’ by Khalili Engineers could actually do small bit to change the world. The solar-powered ‘Pipe’ sculpture plans to double up as an art installation and a humanitarian aid by generating a whopping 4.5 billion litres of drinkable water from the ocean.

Solar-Powered ‘Pipe’ Sculpture

The ‘Pipe’ by Vancouver-based design team Khalili Engineers has been submitted to the 2016 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition for Santa Monica, and if it wins it intends to desalinate seawater into drinkable H2O.

The ‘Pipe’ concept is a blend of art, technology and architecture and will float off the coast of Santa Monica, California. As well as providing much needed drinking water, the sculpture is also intends on ‘reminding us about our dependence on water and about our need to appreciate and value this vital gift.’

Khalili Solar Powered Pipe Santa Monica 2
Now we’re not going to profess to understand fully how it works but we do know it all starts with the solar panels on top of the ‘Pipe’. They’re said to pump seawater through an electromagnetic filtration process, simultaneously distributing fluid to a salt bath with natural healing properties.

Khalili Solar Powered Pipe Santa Monica 4
From there, the drinking water will then be distributed to the city using an electromagnetic desalination process… whatever that is! Excess clear water will also be used by the city’s thermal baths.

Not only is the ‘Pipe’ a feat of engineering, but Khalili Engineers want the structure to be used as a place by Joes to relax and take in panoramic views of the surrounding ocean. The competition winners for the 2016 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition will be announced in October this year.

Khalili Solar Powered Pipe Santa Monica 3



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