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If you’re anything like us, findind a power socket to charge your phone and tablet can be a tricky business. Which is why we always try and leave the house with a portable charging device. But guess what? They need charging too! Which is why we reckon the Solartab could be a winner.

As if you needed explaining, the Solartab is a portable battery that is charged by the sun’s rays hitting its solar panels. It has a high-capacity internal battery and a built-in cover that ensures maximum sun exposure at all times.

The robust aluminium frame encloses the Solartab’s solar panel and gives the product its minimalist and sleek aesthetic. The cover on the Solartab is made out of soft, high grade polyurethane, which is both durable and water resistant.

The cover of the Solartab is also capable of angling the panel in three different positions makes it efficient collected sun rays. An elastic band and strong magnets hold the cover firmly closed making sure it will stay closed and safe when put it in bag.

It comes with two USB ports and a micro USB port, so the Solartab is ready to keep any of your mobile devices going at all times. Not only that, it’s obviously very green with an environmentally friendly, portable and never-ending source of energy, always ready for use.

The Solartab will naturally come into its own over the summer when the rays are supposedly more present and plug sockets are in short supply on the beach! It’s ready to ship now from the Solartab Website where you can get hold of one for around £75.




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