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Solu Computer

When it comes to computers, chances are you’re likely to stick to what you know. “You an Apple, man?” is a question that’s heard probably far too often around offices up and down the country, for example. But if you’re an adventurous Joe and want something different, the Solu might be for you.

The Solu is a genuinely beautiful and innovative cloud-linked computer all the way from Finland. With the Solu, you’ll never have to worry about a hard drive, backing up files or even installing software – Solu does it all for you. And rather cooly, Solu also does this all offline.

The Solu device itself is simply a hand-sized wooden square box which can connect to an external screen where its own screen then becomes a smart touchpad. Alternatively, the Solu can be used as a touchscreen portable device should you not want to bother with a monitor.

It’s been built around the core idea of collaboration. You can share documents and applications, and work co-cooperatively. Solu uses an advanced cloud-linked operating system which means you’ll never need to worry about maintenance, installation or backups ever again.

File sharing is a thing of the past too. The Solu’s operating system means if you’re working in a group, team members can access each other’s work in real-time.

One of the main differences with a Solu is they’ll be no hidden fees for apps etc. Instead, Solu work on a fixed monthly subscription basis where uses will get all the storage and apps they need without any further purchases. All Joes will pay is around £15 (€20) a month – basically like a phone contract.

We love the idea of the Solu and the physical design is beautiful. It seems like an easier, practical and, more importantly, cheaper way of staying connected. The only thing we’re not sure about is the interface. While we’ve not tested it out for ourselves, the design doesn’t strike us as inherently good to look at and reminds us a little too much of CBeebies.

The Solu computer is being sold on Kickstarter where it’s nearly hit its target with 20 or so days to go. You can get hold of one for as little as around £250 (€349) and that includes 3 months of subscription too. Head over to the Solu Kickstarter Website for more details.




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