Sonos Introduces Its First Portable Bluetooth Speaker in the ‘Move’

Sonos have finally unveiled their long awaited portable speaker. It’s called the Move and it’s the first speaker in the Sonos line-up to step out of the home, with smart adaptable sound and durable materials making it perfect for the great outdoors.

The durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening, otherwise known as the Move, features another first for Sonos’ product range with Bluetooth audio streaming. It also comes with 10 hours of continuous play time and easy charging on the included base.

In terms of sound, Sonos promises ‘surprisingly deep bass and a wide sound profile’ that will allegedly allow the speaker to reach even the furthest corners of your garden while inside. Sonos’ new Automatic Trueplay technology is also able to tune itself, balancing the sound while the speaker is on-the-go.


It’s versatile too, supporting over a hundred streaming services, AirPlay2, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Don’t worry about accidental drops or bumps either as Move’s components are protected by a hardwearing, shock-resistant case. It also has an IP56 rating, which means it’ll withstand humidity, rain, snow, dust, UV rays, and extreme heat and cold.

The Sonos Move portable speaker is set to go on sale on 24th September over at the Sonos Website and in stores. It’ll set you back a breezy £399.


In other Tech news, last month Sony revealed its newest project to be crowdfunded the First Flight platform. Aimed at helping Joes who struggle with the summer heat or winter chills, the Reon Packet is a portable ‘air conditioner’ device which fits into the back of a t-shirt and blasts cool air down your back.