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Sony Boombox Remote

As we’ve admitted many times before here at Average Joes, there’s very little we get more excited about than two seemingly separate bits of tech coming together to create an indulgent gimmick. Well, thank the Lord for Sony. Say hello to the Sony Boombox Remote for your TV!

Because every bit of tech invented is made better with a speaker in it, Sony have decided to stick a wireless television controller on top of a mini-boombox, so you can go make that cup of tea without missing that goal or any of that plot!

At first glance, the SRS-LSR100, as it’s catchily named, looks a lot like a Sony DAB radio. The remote connects to your TV via a wireless dongle and has a pretty good battery life of 16 hours before it’ll need topping up again.

The Sony Boombox Remote does actually also have some other cool features with a microphone located on the remote that’ll pick up any ambient noise. If that noise it too loud, the LSR100 will adjust your volume and quality levels automatically. There’s also a ‘voice zoom’ feature will can boost the sound of voices. Pretty cool if you ask us.

In fairness to Sony, at closer inspection, the Boombox Remote would solve one of the greatest annoyances a modern Joe can experience – that of not being able to hear the TV while someone decides the hoovering needs to be done by your feet right this instant!

Here’s the bad news, though… While the Sony Boombox Remote is set for a 12th September release date, you’ll only be able to get hold of one in Japan. Oh, Sony. You break our hearts.




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