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Sony Ericsson LiveView
Sony Ericsson Liveview

Sony Ericsson LiveView

Check out the new Sony Ericsson LiveView, not your average gadget, and in todays world where less is more, perhaps not one you would think of. However, hold the phones, because this one might just be a little bit genius… The Liveview ‘remote’ is a bluetooth enabled device designed to work with your Android smartphone. It has a 1.3″ OLED touchscreen device with a range of side buttons to make navigation that bit easier.

So what’s it for? The idea is to have your basic phone functions right there all the time, even when your phone is in your pocket or your bag. You can use it to check your calls, incoming calls, emails, texts, twitter and facebook messages and even music playback. Now for me, this is great little gadget for commuters, who don’t want to have their phone out every few minutes, and sports people, who can decide if picking up a call is worth it while running, or altering their music playback just by looking at their wrist (watch wrist strap included).

The success will very much depend on price, and good compatibility with all smart phones running Android 2.x. The built in manager also scans for compatible apps you can download and use with the LiveView. Now some may claim this to be a fad, but seriously, if it is priced right, this could be a little gem right here.

Video below, but what do you think?




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