Smartwatches are nothing new. But one that’s completely customisable and especially designed for the sartorial Joe might well be. And of all companies to produce one, you may be surprised to hear that that’s exactly what Sony have done. It’s called the FES Watch U and it utilises e-Paper technology so wearers can change the surface design of the watch at the touch of a button.

Sony Launch Customisable FES Watch U for the Sartorial Joe

Using advanced e-Paper technology, the Sony FES Watch U is the only watch of its kind on the market and aims to bring together fashion and technology to offer Joes the ultimate customisation when it comes to accessories. Via the FES Cloest app, users can upload designs and photographs to both the watch face and even the trap at the touch of a button.

So how does it achieve this witchcraft? Well, the FES Watch U uses active matrix flexible e-Paper in both the face and strap. A range of over 100 different pre-loaded designs in greyscale are available in the accompanying app, with Sony saying they’ll be adding new styles to the app each month to allow wearers to continually create new looks.


In a first for e-Paper watches, users can also personalise the watch by creating their own unique designs too. Designs can include photography and images can be uploaded from a smartphone. Essentially, you can have anything you like.


The watch face itself is constructed from mineral glass with anti-reflection coating and titanium ion-plating for high scratch resistance, while the back casing made of 100% stainless steel for durability. Performance-wise, it’s Android and iOS compatible, has a IPX5/7 waterproof rating and features a rechargeable, long-lasting battery.

The Sony FES Watch U is available in Silver and Black, with prices starting at £529 for the former and rising to £699 for the latter. Head over to the Sony Website where you can get your hands on one now.


Earlier this week, Ralph Lauren celebrated their 50th anniversary by launching a Polo Bear watch collection which combines Swiss watchmaking with the brand’s iconic mascot.



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