With vinyl sales still going through the roof as we begin the new year, it’s clear that the music lover’s thirst for LP isn’t going to be stopping any time soon. But Sony think they’ve spotted a gap in the market and as such have just announced the PS-HX500 turntable, a hi-res LP player which has a USB port so Joes can transfer their vinyls into a digital file!

Sony Hi-Res USB Turntable

The Sony Hi Res USB turntable was announced last week at CES and the tech giants are hoping to breathe new life into analog masterpieces with it. The way they plan to do it is by converting that vinyl sound – crackles and all – into DSD files which can be played back on the Walkman.

The process couldn’t be simpler; the PS-HX500 is equipped with a high-quality A/D converter, so just hook up the turntable to your PC via USB, play a record, and capture every aspect of the vinyl with DSD 5.6 MHz native conversion.

Sony Hi- Res USB Turntable 1
The turntable comes with a free editing app for Windows and Mac which means you can easily cut unwanted parts of the recording and split tracks seamlessly.

Converting your records to high quality digital music files might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re buying a record but if you think about it, it’s a great way to back-up your precious collection and means you won’t need to double your costs by buying digitally for your portable player.

Sony Hi- Res USB Turntable 4
The turntable itself is also far from shabby. The newly designed integrated shell improves durability and stabilizes the cartridge for superior focusing and dimensionality of sound, while its lightweight structure improves traceability.

It comes with a highly stable belt drive system to achieve natural sound reproduction while the high quality 0.20-inch rubber mat means you’ll get excellent adherence to the record’s surface minimising unnecessary resonance for a clean and crisp sound.

There’s no release date yet for the Sony Hi-Res USB turntable but details are expected soon with experts guessing it’ll come in at around £400. Keep an eye on the PS-HX500 on the Sony Website.

Sony Hi- Res USB Turntable 3



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