Last updated on June 23rd, 2017 at 12:20 pm

Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker

We love a cheap tech trick here at Average Joes, and we’ve come across a cracker in the Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker. Rolling two different functions into one is always a winner with us but at a closer look the Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker might actually prove to be more than a flash in the gimmick plan.

The bulb itself can be paired with any Bluetooth device, allowing you to place speakers in places they probably wouldn’t have been able to be placed previously. The device can be controlled by an accompanying remote or via the smartphone app, where the brightness of the bulb can be adjusted as well as the volume.

While we haven’t heard it, we should say from the off that we’re dubious about what the sound quality will be from a speaker so small it fits in a light fitting. But this is Sony after all so you’d hope for something competent at the very least.

Baring the usual tech geeks like us, the Sony Light Bulb Speaker will no doubt find its place in urban homes where space can be at a premium. And in fairness, up to now, installing invisible home devices has been on the pricey side. We’d also imagine this is one of the safest options if you wanted a speaker in your bathroom.

Unsurprisingly the Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker isn’t priced in the same bracket as your standard lamp bulb and you won’t find it on a shelf in Wilko’s. It’s currently only beinh sold in Japan on Sony’s online store for ¥23,880, which is around £127. As of yet, there’s no word on when the bulb will be reaching the States or us here in the UK but we hope it’s not too long.




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