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Sony Walkman X-Series MP3 Player

Sony Walkman X-Series MP3 Player

Further to the below, Sony have released the specs of the upcoming NWZ-X1000-series MP3 player

  • Audio support for; MP3, WMA, and AAC at up to 320kbps
  • Video support for; MPEG-4, H.264, and WMV
  • 320 x 240 res, despite that 3-inch OLED screen’s 432 x 240 native resolution (why?!?!)
  • FM tuning
  • 802.11g/b WiFi
  • Internet browsing with YouTube support
  • Upto 33 hours of battery life for audio and 9 hours when watching video

Is it just me, or does Sony Walkman still take you back to East 17 on a tape player…. Random! Well the latest Walkman will hopefully dispell both of those!! Sony’s new X-series is looking to take on the i-pod touch heads on with an OLED touchscreen, Wi-Fi 16GB & 32GB options and built-in noise cancellation. A slightly smaller screen than the touch, but with OLED for brighter colors and better contrast.

It also comes with an MP3 Player first, of digital noise canceling – plug in any 3.5mm EX headphone and they will block out ambient noise, making the need for expensive headphones obsolete!

They have just popped up on Amazon pre-order for 2 – 5 weeks shipping. The 16gig NWZ-X1050B will cost £214 and 32gig NWZ-X1060B will cost £283. An ipod killer? Maybe, just maybe…. But it still does less than my storm!!



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