Sony Unveils ‘Air Conditioner’ T-Shirt Device in the Reon Packet

Sony has revealed its newest project to be crowdfunded the First Flight platform. Aimed at helping Joes who struggle with the summer heat or winter chills, the Reon Packet is a portable ‘air conditioner’ device which fits into the back of a t-shirt and blasts cool air down your back.

Sony’s Reon Pocket is a Bluetooth device that uses thermoelectric cooling for the summer or heating for use during the winter. It slips into a special undershirt with a pocket at the base of the neck. Via a connected app, which you can control on your phone, the device will then offer air conditioning to your desired temperature.

Despite the device being about the size of a card wallet and weighing on 85 grams, Sony says that it can cool a user’s body temperature by a mammoth 13°C (23°F) and on cold days it can raise your temperature by about 8°C (14°F). It’s also designed to hold a charge of up to 24 hours and a charge time of 2 hours using USB-C technology.


Sony are currently offering two versions: the Reon Pocket Standard and Reon Pocket Lite. The latter is cheaper but only comes with a manual mode operation. The standard will also let you manually control the temperature via your smartphone but a future update will also introduce an automatic mode, according to Sony.

The Sony Reon Packet ‘air conditioner’ is currently on sale for those in Japan and will start shipping to customers in March 2020. Prices start at around £98.40 (¥12,760) for the Reon Pocket Lite and rise to around £108.50 (¥14,080) for the Reon Pocket. Find out more over at First Flight.


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