You may recall that we recently got our hands on the Sony Xperia Z and gave it the once over, indoors. Well, that was probably not quite enough to really get to grips with a phone that is dubbed to be waterproof, and so we went out on the river Thames with the phone for some extreme weather, extreme speeds and all in aid of some extreme testing.

Sony Xperia Z in the wild


We hooked up with O2 Business and jumped aboard the Thames RIB Experience who have been testing the new Sony Xperia Z and it’s claims to repel what we all know and love as water. It seemed the perfect way to test the phone, though of course it would have been a little nicer in summer! The guys spend most of their time out on the water, and as part of the fun and sell it’s all about the excitement of customers and trying to get them a little bit wet. The phone definitely helps there, as they can now video and shoot their trips for some ad-hoc video as well as keeping in touch back at base.

Check out the video below for our very cold, wet and erm cold day on the Thames, with the Sony Xperia Z phone and and a little water

In actuality, looking at the functionality of the Sony Xperia Z, it seems to lend itself better to all round business use than perhaps as a regular phone. When talking about its design, Sony said that they were confident that the large screen was a benefit rather than a hindrance, as people use it more as a screen and multimedia device than for actual phonecalls. This does mean it is good for taking pictures and videos, and for taking down details rather easily. It also connects relatively easily to TVs, and especially to Sony products with NFC, making presentations incredibly easy.

The Xperia Z comes with a suite of useful apps, and in particular its ability to function with Microsoft products ensures that it remains relevant to businesses, given that the software is often crucial. A new product coming soon in 2013 is a quick back-up and share piece of kit, made by Sony. Simply placing your phone on this will transfer selected data for sync, and will easily allow backing up and sharing with colleagues if you have been out of the office.

Down to brass tax, the phone comes from free on a £35pm business contract from O2. On this tariff is 2GB of data, potential 4G when that is up and running, unlimited text messages and calls, not to mention easy access to a whole host of O2 exclusives. Even on O2 Business you get O2 Priority, offering customers priority access tickets to O2 venues and events through its app or website, but better than that is its often less advertised Wifi app – something bringing location based wifi to the masses, for free, to save you eating up all that data on your phone contract (more than easily done, no matter how high your limit is).

You also get access to O2 priority moments. These are specially negotiated discounts from major retailers, restaurants and companies from across the country sourced and presented to you by O2. Things are getting more personal and local now, as it is open up to local businesses to showcase their promotions and discounts on the O2 Priority Moments platform. The app allows you to see what deals are within 3 miles, and if you’ve got it set to push notification, it’ll even pop-up with messages as you pass something by that may be of interest. And if you are by the Thames, we definitely recommend searching for the Thames RIB Experience.



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