Sony have just announced their latest high-end entertainment development, which comes in the form of the magnificent Z9D 4K 100” TV as part of the Z series, the next generation in television display technology with the ability to reproduce the deeper blacks, brighter lights, and vibrant colours of the real world.

Sony Z9D 4K HDR TV

The Sony Z9D is packed with innovative features, the first of which is the use of the newly developed 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, which Sony say produces 40% more real-time image processing than their renowned 4K Processor X1. It does have ‘Extreme’ in its title after all…

Essentially the Processor takes everything you watch and up-scales it to as near to 4K HDR quality as possible, even if it wasn’t made with 4K in mind. As an example, Sony say you’ll be able to see contours on mountains, hidden textures on flowers and depth in clouds for a more natural and realistic picture on screen.

Sony Z9D 4K TV 2
Another feature on the new Z9D TV is what Sony are calling the ‘Backlight Master Drive’, which controls LED brightness individually. This means the darkest LEDs could be placed side-by-side with the brightest for intense contrast. The stars in the night’s sky will be able to be seen in incredible detail, for example.

The TV also comes with fully integrated with Android, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video, which means you won’t ever need to hook up your Xbox or PS4, or ever want to leave your house again.

Sony Z9D 4K TV 4
The construct of Sony’s new 4K TV is all about offering no distractions, so customers can focus on what they’re watching. As such, there’s very few frills, just a pale gold bezel which helps the TV look good in any room, while cables stay cleverly hidden at the back and the front.

The new Sony Z9D 4K HDR TV has already arrived in its 65” and 75” form, with the 100” expected later on in the year. The 100” is expected to set you back near a whopping £10,000, based on the fact the 75” already retails for around £8,000. Head over to the Sony Website for more details.

Sony Z9D 4K TV 3



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