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Soundfreaq SFQ-01 Review

What do you want from a sound system? An abundance of annoying wires or a wireless system that makes life easy? The Soundfreaq SFQ-01 Sound Platform (Not a speaker dock but a sound platform, uber cool right?) is a wireless system that gives you a sound output to use on a variety of devices.


The SFQ-01 is compatible with smart phones, computers, tablets and other mobile phones. Connection comes by Bluetooth, an auxiliary point at the back of the device which allows a 3.5mm jack to be connected and a iPhone/iPod connector dock provides you with all options to playback your favourite tracks or radio station as well as charging your device at the same time.

Lets be honest, it looks pretty damn cool. A slick design and a minimal amount of buttons help to keep it cool and easy to use. You can even pick up a limited edition Red and Black version which looks like it’s fallen straight from heaven itself. The UQ3 Spatial Sound Enhancement (WTF?) which is, and I quote from the Soundfeaq website, “We developed our proprietary UQ3 DSP technology to create a psychoacoustic effect by controlling sound wave interaction that enhances the perceived stereo separation.” Nice bit of techno talk there, but, what that means in real terms is that the sound is pretty impressive. Whether your belting out a serious party tune or a chilled out acoustic track, the speakers deliver the sound effortlessly and it just gets even better when you switch on UQ3.


At first we were disappointed to see Bluetooth instead of Wireless, but in hindsight it’s a pretty smart move. It actually makes wireless connections available to a far wider audience and compatible devices that have Bluetooth and not wireless connectivity. Granted, most people that have heard of the ‘internet’ will be running a smart phone that could control a small country, but, the technology this speaker uses is around today and will be for many years to come, so you wont have to replace the speaker any time soon and it just increases it’s shelf-life.

The range of the Bluetooth is sufficient, we found you could easily leave your phone in your pocket and walk around your place without losing connection. Our one gripe would be the Soundfreaq developed iPhone app, it’s free so no problems there but it really doesn’t add any value to the Soundfreaq SFQ-01. You don’t need the app to control the speaker as you can just use your normal iPhone /iPod controls. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel, Apple have made a fairly decent iPod control system over the last 8 years or so, why change it? It does allow you to turn the system off if your too lazy to stand up and push the off button, so I guess not all is lost.

Final thoughts

The system has been in the house a few weeks now, and after using the Soundfeaq sound platform all I can say is that I am really impressed with it. The system oozes class in the way it looks, and the quality of the sound is second to none. What I want from a speaker set is good sound quality, something that looks good and an easy to use system that can play back all of my sounds, whether that’s from my phone, laptop or anything else. This sound platform ticks all those boxes. Playing Angry Birds with the UQ3 enhanced acoustics on, definitely adds a different dimension to the annoying hit iPhone app.

Average Joes Score – 4/5 – Worth a purchase!

You can grab one over at Amazon.




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