Nokia City Lens is an app from the future, and one the coolest things we have heard about the new Lumia range of smartphones, in fact, pretty much any smartphone! Using augmented reality you hold the app up to any street, place, or wherever you are. Using location and your camera Nokia City Lens then gives you photos and reviews of all of the surrounding shops, restaurants, bars and anything else you might find!

Sponsored Video: Nokia City Lens

As part of the recent O2 Guru TV campaign, Nokia and O2 sent out Darren, Thomas and Dede from We Have Band and let them loose in the heart of London with a Lumia 820 and the Nokia City Lens to see what interesting things they could find! You can choose from food, nearby, hotels, famous, sights, shopping and of course fun, and it looks like they had a fair bit of that!

The video is well put together and gives a real life idea and view of Nokia City Lens and it’s features. Check it out below!


This video has been placed by O2.



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