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Those good guys over at free streaming music site Spotify have been targeted by Hackers. Details including e-mail addresses, dates of birth and billing addresses, were all stolen. Any credit card information is thought to be safe at present due to being held by a third party

The breach seemed to be at the tail end of 2008, but has only just been realised. Spotify is advising all users who registered before the 19 December 2008 to change their passwords.

Spotify’s communications manager, Jim Butcher, told BBC News the company had only become aware of the attack after receiving a message from the hackers.

“We haven’t had direct contact, it’s all via third-party sources, so we don’t know who they are and we don’t know where they are from.”
“This wasn’t some kid playing on a computer, someone has spent hundreds of hours looking to hack into our system.”
“We’re still trying to find out the reasons they actually hacked our site, so it’s difficult for me to say what they want at the present time.”

What is Spotify?
Launched by a Swedish firm in 2006, Spotify now has more than one million registered users. Instead of downloading music users stream it direct from the internet with small adverts or not adverts for £10 per month.

Since it’s release in the UK a few months ago, upto 250,000 users have signed up.

Spotify hits the UK.



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