Any Joes out there remember the awesome interactive BB8 toy that you couldn’t get hold of anywhere last Christmas? Well, we think we may have found a Star Wars toy that might just be cooler… Feast your eyes on these incredible Star Wars Battling Drones, complete with actual battling lasers!

Propel Star Wars Battling Drones

Yes, high-end drone makers Propel have developed a line of drones which are aimed at Star Wars geeks both young and old. There’s four different drones in the Star Wars Battling Drones collection, each made in the mould of some of the films’ most iconic flying vehicles.

Propel have built fully functioning flying drones of a T-65 X-Wing Fighter, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1, a 74-Z Speeder Bike complete with miniature Stromtrooper from Return of the Jedi and even the Millennium Falcon (though, that’s due out later in 2017). The best bit is they even fire actual lasers! We’re guessing not too harmful ones…

Star Wars Battling Drones Propel 2
Drones can sometimes be a bit limited when it comes to speed and manoeuvrability, but we’re pleased to report Propel’s Star Wars drones are anything but slow. Each drone comes with a top speed of 40kmph and does zero – 40 in less than 3 seconds. Take it from us, that’s incredible for a drone! They also perform stunts akin to those capable of the fighters in the films.

Star Wars Battling Drones Propel 4
Each Star Wars Battling Drone is hand painted to model quality finish, certified, numbered and comes packed into a collectable display box which lights up aand suitably blurts out Star Wars themes as soon as your open it.

We got to see these beauties up close and personal this week at a special launch and we can’t begin to tell you how exciting they are. While they are of course a toy, they’re also perfect for collectors and essentially anyone who has a little bit of geek in them. The detail of the sound fx alone is enough to make you weak at the knees!

If you’re as excited to test out a Star Wars Battling Drone as much as we were, head over to the Propel Website where Joes can reserve one of the first 15,000 special edition pieces with prices starting at £199.99.

Star Wars Battling Drones Propel 3



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