Super Mario Inspired Lampshade

A project by US designers Bryan Duxbury & Adam Ellsworth at 8-Bit lit, led to the design of the Question Block Lamp. The lamp is inspired by the cube which needs to be smashed open by Mario in the game Super Mario in order for the famous computer games character to get coins and other rewards.

The inspiration in design is accompanied by inspiration within its function, as the question blocks within the game are broken open from beneath by Mario smashing the bottom of the cube. As such the light fixture is turned on and off by tapping the base of the light. Rather amusingly the light also makes the signature coin noise sound every time the base is tapped.

The firm is a small enterprise which is aiming for investment in order to take the brand forward, and if achieved the product will likely retail at around £32 with the potential for international shipping once the brand expands.

Though given the computer generated images produced using a Commodore 64, we wouldn’t expect to see it soon…