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Supremacy MMA Review

From the makers of Rugby World Cup 2011, which we recently reviewed and Zumba fitness (which may well interest the good lady in your life – it’s ok if it’s your mum…) and under the guidance of the talent behind UFC Undisputed 2009, comes Supremacy MMA.

MMA for those of you reading this not yet in the know stands for Mixed Martial Arts, a description of a hybrid fighting style which encompasses a number of different martial art backgrounds. These include but are not limited to Boxing, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Greco-Roman Wrestling, Karate, Judo, Muay Thai and Kickboxing creating an all round technique epitomised by organisations such as the UFC and PRIDE.

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The game is broken up into an easy to navigate menu. First up is ‘Fight Now’ which does exactly what it says on the tin. This one is great if you have to kill 5 minutes either on your own or with a mate while she is doing her make-up: Get in. Get done. Get out.

Next up comes ‘Xbox LIVE match’ where you can play against opponents online. The network play is smooth and with a good broadband it is pretty seamless. Under the tournaments tab you have two options. The first is Battle Royal, where you have a tournament starting in quarter final with 3 bouts between you and victory. The second is Survival Ladder where you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. (Clue is in the title). Within this mode there are 11 bouts separating you from supremacy. You then have a career option known as Supremacy Stories. This allows you to control any of the 12 male characters and play as them through the hardships of the underground scene to reach the big time.
The ‘Femme Fatales’ section looks to factor in, and give greater exposure to the increasing popularity of women’s combat sports, focusing on two ladies with a big rivalry. In the training gym you have the ability to practice your moves ready for the ring without fear of reprisal. Fighter progression shows you how your selected fighters are getting along on the hunt for supremacy.


Whether you are a new comer or enthusiast Supremacy MMA has something to offer you. So long as you are familiar with the concepts of no holds barred fighting (with an understandable 18 rating), you’ll soon pick it up. MMA incorporates 3 main concepts with which to display your talents. What I would call your “stand up”, “clinch” and “floor” disciplines. With stand up you are mainly concerned with punches, kicks and blocks. The clinch looks at the standing delivery of knees, punches and elbows while in a clinch with your opponent, and also how you get your opponent to the floor, or how to stop yourself being put there. The floor discipline factors in punches, knees, elbows, as well as transitions to manipulate your opponent into submission commonly associated with BJJ and Greco-Roman Wrestling. Within the context of the game these fighting structures are delivered in a graphic and arcade realistic manner.

I found the Easy and Medium settings were not entirely challenging once I had come to terms with the moves, so for a fairly experienced combat gamer I would recommend the hard difficulty. I like the way the game played, and it would be great for a night in with the boys, and I think this is the games strong point. The arcade style ‘fighting frenzy’ game play makes the game hyper addictive. However I found that in the longer term the game was not particularly engaging.

The Battle Royal is a little short, and the survival ladder is longer than the Supremacy Story which I see as the main career mode. When I compare it to other combat games, I feel the career mode doesn’t quite match up as you can’t keep playing and playing with the same character or create your own. This being said, as a straight up short term fun fix, it is great.

Supremacy MMA


The folks at 505 games collaborated with the Chicago label ‘Victory Records’ famed for their roster of hardcore punk and metal bands. This means the soundtrack brings a whole new level of intensity to the game’s atmosphere. Think Korn meets Motörhead for many of the breakthrough acts. Turn it up loud and enjoy the ride!

All in all, thoroughly enjoyable, I’m just a bit disappointed, as it would just have been nice to have the option within the game to play it for a bit longer!


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