T-Mobile Unlimited Texts


T-Mobile, creators of some of the most fun, great feeling virals over the last few years are at it again. This time, helping to celebrate the Queens Jubilee with all things British. Narrated by none other than Harry Hill, the video is promoting T-Mobile’s latest offer of free texts to all PAYG customers new and old, if you top up just £10 a month. And this isn’t just a limited time offer, this will be for life!!

The video is a strange mock of the Royal Wedding last year, and features David Dickinson, that man Louie Spence (guess which part he plays??!) and our childhood favourite, Sooty and Sweep.

Given T-Mobile’s previous video attempts, and how much we love them, I am afraid the bar was just too high for this video. It is very much fun but will we remember it like we have the others? I am afraid not… But, the offer is awesome, free texts for life? Every students dream.


This post is kindly sponsored by T-Mobile.