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Terrafugia Flying Car

Terrafugia Flying Car

You may, or may not have heard about the Terrafugia, if not, think Francisco Scaramanga’s, ‘is it a car, is it a plane’ scene in James Bond’s The Man with the Golden Gun.

The Terrafugia is the first working ‘roadable aircraft’ and last week made it’s first voyage (voyage may be a bit strong) flying down a runway for approximately 30 seconds and travelling some 3,000 feet

The flight took place in the early hours of 5 March at Plattsburgh International Airport.

According to the MD, more than forty people have put down a $10,000 deposit for the new aircraft, which is planned to cost approximately $191,000 and will hit the road / air sometime in 2011.
Stats and video after the break.

Cruise: 100 kts (115 mph)
Rotate: 70 kts (80 mph)
Stall: 45 kts (51 mph)
Range: 400nm (460 mi)
Takeoff over 50′ obstacle: 1700′
Fuel burn: 5 gph
Fuel tank: 20 gallons
Useful Load: 430 lbs
On road: 30 mpg, highway speeds
Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)



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