Not content with manufacturing some of the most aggressive and beautiful motors around, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just announced the brand’s latest invention. It’s called the Powerwall and without going overboard, it could just change the world.

Tesla Powerwall

The Powerwall is essentially a great big giant battery that sits on your wall with an aim to help the masses reduce their reliance on traditional forms on energy, while hopefully saving you some precious dosh in the meanwhile.

If you’re already ahead of the curve and have decked your roof out with solar panels, then the Powerwall will simple tap into the system and store excess energy.

For us mere Stone Age mortals, the Powerwall will use a feature called ‘load shifting’. What that means is it will only recharge itself during times when electricity from the grid is cheaper. In the UK, prices don’t vary as much but in the US, this could be a serious game-changer, with different prices applying at different times according to demand. Either way, the Powerwall will store up energy and use it during peak periods or even see you through a power cut in the stormy summer nights.

We all know we aren’t using enough renewable energy and while eco-cars are very much on the forefront of marketing, it seems we still haven’t thought about what we can do at home. The Powerwall could change that.

And Tesla themselves are dreaming big. Very big. They claim that it will not only help people rely less on the depleting sources of fossil fuels, but it will also help get electricity to remote parts of the planet. We’re not entirely convinced the Anuta tribte in the Soloman Islands will be able to afford the price tag at the moment, though.

This may sound stupid, but the Tesla Powerwall does actually genuinely look very pretty. It’s clean, sleek and very minimalist. That is if you forget how gigantic, that is. It also comes in Blue, Red, Grey or White depending on your décor.

The Powerwall will start shipping in a couple of months and there’s two versions available: A $3,000 7kWh model, which is designed for everyday use, and a $3,500 Powerwall gets you 10kWh, which is meant to be used a backup for blackouts or powercuts.

The States will be the first to get the Powerwall, with Tesla delivering to Australia and Germany by the end of the year. There’s no announced plans to release in the UK just yet, but knowing Tesla’s ambition, we’d be shocked if we didn’t get it on these shores very soon. Certainly before the Soloman Islands anyway. Check out more on the Tesla Powerwall Website.



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