TESTED: TP Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh

Working from home? Turning your home into a smart home? Struggling with WiFi speed and reliability? You’ll need a WiFi mesh system and the TP Link Deco M5 kit might just be the best value option out there.

Just like us, many of you will have been working from home this year and just like us, many of you will have found some of the inherent issues that come with it. The biggest issue we had has been WiFi reliability and stability. Often we have to disconnect and reconnect just to get a device to work properly. Not anymore, I installed a WiFi mesh system.

What is a WiFi mesh system? The functionality is far simpler than the technology that powers it so I’ll focus on that. Put simply, a mesh system paints your home in WiFi. The wireless router that comes with your broadband package probably works well when you’re close to it but do you find that you struggle the further you get away from it? A mesh system solves this by placing additional wireless hubs around the home/office that act as a single network. As you move around the system will connect you to the strongest signal seamlessly. The M5 kit we are using includes three hubs and will cover a 5500 square feet area. More than enough for a large home or three storey townhouse.

In my home, I’m running several computers, a couple of smart TVs, dozens of smart bulbs and smart tech, iPads, iPhones, games consoles and much more! Since installing the Deco M5 kit, I haven’t seen a single drop out. My download speed seems a touch faster too as the quality and speed of the WiFi signal is much better than the cheap router I got from my broadband supplier.

It was so easy to set up too. Using the Deco app, installation and set-up is easy. I was up and running in just a few minutes and adding each hub is even easier. Once connected, the app will notify you every time a new device is added to the network ensuring no unwanted users are stealing your bandwidth. You can also monitor all the devices actively using the network, directly from the app.

The Deco system also provides additional security options such as real-time anti-virus protection, advanced encryption, parental controls and malicious website blocking. It offers far more protection for your entire home than a traditional wireless router.

In short; this purchase was a no brainer for me. I was constantly frustrated by varying speeds, connection dropouts and poor signal strength. All that disappeared in an instant. The Deco M5 kit was so easy to use and has allowed me to continue working from home without any hassle. If you work from home or simply want more reliability and security for your home, you need a WiFi mesh system and I have no issue recommending the TP Link Deco M5. Plus, it’s currently on offer on Amazon for just £149!