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Teufel Audio Bamster XS

From the makers of the brilliant Raumfeld multi-room streaming system comes this awesome new pocket-sized speaker. The Teufel Audio Bamster XS might not look much but it packs one seriously big sound!

Made to eradicate poor quality, muffled sound on smartphones everywhere, the Bamster XS is perfectly sized to go wherever you do. At just 2.3 cm high, the device fits easily into your jeans, even if you like your skinny fit!

But if you don’t like your pockets full, it also comes with a sonically-permeable felt bag with a carabiner hook which makes it easy to attach the little Bamster onto a belt loop or backpack.

Teufel Audio Bamster XS 2
Not only is it small, Teufel’s smallest Bluetooth loudspeaker also weighs just 204 grams, so it couldn’t be easier to carry around. The battery life is impressive too with a playback of up to 14 hours, which makes it ideal for travelling long distances as well as just for an evening at home.

Music playback and volume can easily be adjusted via controls on the device itself and the speaker’s handsfree function makes it easy to accept a call while paired up as without having a device glued to your ear.

Teufel Audio Bamster XS 3
As you’re going to be carrying it around a lot, the Bamster XS needs to be able to take a small pounding – which is why it comes with a robust thick-walled enclosure. Again, ideal if you’re travelling around in the New Year!

The Teufel Audio Bamster XS speaker is available now at the Teufel Audio Website where it’ll set Joes back a very reasonable £59.99, where a felt bag, a carabiner hook, a 3.5 mm stereo jack cable, a silicone pad and a USB charging cable are all included.

Teufel Audio Bamster XS 4



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