The 5 Hottest Electric Scooter Brands to Watch

With the increased popularity of electric scooters, and the sheer amount of choice available, it can be hard to know exactly what to look for and what will be the perfect ride for you.

Here we explore some of the hottest electric scooter brands that sometimes fly under the radar. These electric scooters pack an incredible punch and are built to last.

Whether you are looking for sleek designs, engineering masterpieces or something in-between, our list below compiles some of the hottest models you can buy today.

Without further ado, here is our list of the 5 Hottest Electric Scooter Brands to Watch:

1. Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

At the top of the list, we have the Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter – and for good reason. Not only does it look incredibly stylish (and closely resembles popular brands like the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooters), but it is packed with features that give you one of the most enjoyable, fuss-free rides you can experience.

With both puncture-free honeycomb wheels and an impressive rear suspension, the Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter not only provides you with a hassle free riding experience, but allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride. And with its increased battery capacity, the Hiboy S2 Pro boasts a max range of up to 25-30 miles, which is a considerable leap when compared to its younger sibling the Hiboy S2.

Key SpecificationsKey Features & Benefits
Weight: 13.4kg+ Impressive max range
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h+ Puncture-free wheels
Range: 25-30 miles+ Regenerative braking system

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2. The Urban #HMBRG V1 Electric Scooter

The Urban #HMBRG V1 is built to the highest standards of German precision engineering. Designed and manufactured by Walberg Urban Electrics in Hamburg, Germany, the #HMBRG V1 is packed full of features with the urban rider in mind.

From its big 10” air filled tyres, to its German certified disc brakes and integrated lighting, the #HMBRG V1 offers all the bells and whistles you need to enjoy a smooth, reliable ride.

Built to last and incredibly robust. The Urban #HMBRG V1 Electric Scooter.

Key SpecificationsKey Features & Benefits
Weight: 17kg+ German precision engineering
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h+ High quality components
Range: 19 miles+ Comfortable 10” air filled tyres

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3. Segway Ninebot Air T15 Electric Scooter

The long awaited Segway Ninebot Air T15 is finally here, and it really does not disappoint. Boasting the confident title of being the most compact and lightweight electric scooter on the market today, the Air T15 really lives up to its claim.

Built with the quality and expertise you would expect from any Segway e-scooter, the Air T15 is packed full of features that not only make it perform incredibly well, but also give it that futuristic stylish look that we love.

Key SpecificationsKey Features & Benefits
Weight: 10.5kg+ Super lightweight & compact
Speed: 12.4mph / 20km h+ Stow-able charging dock
Range: 7.5 miles+ Regenerative braking system

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4. Trottix TXS Signature Carbon Electric Scooter

Widely covered in the press for its high quality components and build, the Trottix TXS Signature Carbon has typically been used in the enforcement and commercial sectors across Europe – and now, it is finally available to consumers. 

Incredibly sleek, bold and very distinctive in its design, the TXS Signature Carbon is packed full of the highest spec features and components, and hand finished to the highest standard – making this the true Rolls Royce of the Electric Scooter world.

From its mechanical calliper brakes, to its carbon fibre finish, no expense has been spared in the build of the TXS Signature Carbon, to ensure it is one of the highest quality, premium Electric Scooters available today.

Key SpecificationsKey Features & Benefits
Weight: 14.3kg+ Premium components and build
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h+ Short charge time
Range: 15.5 miles+ High tech braking systems

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5. Joyor X1 Electric Scooter

The Joyor X1 Electric Scooters has been designed and built to provide maximum stability, control and speed, all in one compact, robust, foldable aluminium alloy frame.

The Joyor X1 truly does pack a punch. Armed with either a 400W or 500W motor, it allows you to accelerate off the line extremely fast, while packing enough power to make light work out of any challenging inclines.

Its big 10” air filled front and rear tyres, coupled with a robust front shock absorber means that the X1 gives you a truly comfortable ride. All the while, its anti-lock disc brakes provide maximum peace of mind and puts rider safety at the core of its design, to make sure you feel safe while you handle the 400/500W beast. 

Key SpecificationsKey Features & Benefits
Weight: 13kg+ Compact with adjustable stem
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h+ Comfortable 10” air filled tyres
Range: 19-22 miles+ Anti-lock braking system

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