The early 2000’s were a much simpler time. Facebook didn’t exist and Trump wasn’t president. Smartphones were also a thing of the distant future with a little mobile from Finland ruling the land. Well, the king has officially returned. Say hello to the brand new Nokia 3310.

The Icon Is Officially Back: Say Hello to the Brand New Nokia 3310

Nokia has sold 126 million of its original 3310 phone since it was first introduced back in September, 2000. Well, the nostalgic icon has been revamped and updated for the modern day after a hiatus, and it’s finally available to buy thanks to Nokia-branded phone maker HMD.

Like its predecessor, the phone will still be called the Nokia 3310, it still looks as retro as a slinky, and it will still adopt a relatively low-thrills type approach to phone making. But this time it does pack some extra features, including new Nokia Series 30+ software, a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 2-megapixel camera, and there’s even room for a microSD slot.

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The main thing you’ll notice about the new 3310 is its new design, complete with slimmer profiling and rounded corners. It’s also available in four distinct colours: Warm Red and Yellow, both with a gloss finish, and Dark Blue and Grey both with a matte finish. The colour runs through the material too, so it stays sleek and new for longer.

The new 3310 is capable of basic web surfing, but the real selling point is battery life. Standby time is a gigantic 31 days, and that goes alongside a talk time of 22 hours. That’s a huge massive amount of battery life, especially when you’re barely going to be using such a basic thing for Snapstagram and the like.

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The Nokia 3310 is now available to pre-order and is priced at a very entry level cost of €49 (around £42). Most importantly with the new 3310, yes, it does come with in-built with Snake. It’s maybe just a little flashier than the old arcade version! Head over to the Nokia Website for more details.

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