The LG G Flex2 Review. A phone for fashion?

In an age where the most incredible and ingenious technological advancements are being made, all eyes are on what new phones can offer their customers. Some go for tech, some go for connectivity and some go for style. When you’re LG you go for all three.

Introducing the LG G Flex2, LG’s most recent addition to their mobile phone range. Ahead of the G4 launch coming very soon, the G Flex2 is by no means LG’s flagship product. LG are simply bringing something new to the table once again with style and aesthetics at the very heart. We are in a time where it’s all about the curve, from the latest Smart TV’s, glass products and watches, to that Megan Trainor song on the radio…(ok maybe not that last one). Either way, more and more tech brands are looking at how this material technology can be used in their products. Enter LG. The G Flex2’s USP is of course its curve. With style and practicality in mind we’ve tried out the LG over the last few weeks, both in normal conditions and some more extreme conditions. Whist the style may be a given, form over function has little place in this world. Here is hoping the G Flex2 can do both.


The look

Let’s approach the elephant in the room, the flex (curve, bend, whatever you want to call it) is undeniably the talking point here. But how does it feel? How practical is it and does it actually change anything?

Well simply, the answer is yes. I won’t lie, it does take some getting used to but overall the G Flex2 does feel rather nice in your hand, it’s unusual at first but we found it soon finds its way into the palm of your hand, ready for action as it were.. In terms of practicality, the flex does actually make it seem more natural when texting, going with the movement your hand wants to make when typing so that’s a plus for sure. Secondly, as boasted by LG, the flex comes into its stride when watching video, although there is no quality difference on previous models and no crazy technological advancement to any competitors on the market, the G Flex2 makes watching video somehow more immersive. Moving on to another aspect of comfort, we were keen to know if the flex affected how it would fit in our pockets.

pocket shot

There’s no doubt that jeans, trousers and clothes in general for that matter, are getting tighter. However, phones are only getting bigger, a true hipster paradox. So is a curved screen the answer? We can vouch for how the G Flex2 slips nicely into your pocket and is a lot less intrusive than your flat, rectangular phone when walking as the flex helps the phone mould to your leg.

We can only believe that this is going to have damage limitation benefits too.


Internally, pretty much identical to the G3, functionality and button placement is all the same. So not a lot to report on there. We wait eagerly to the release of the LG G4 to see improvements in this department. As anyone that has used the G3 will know, it’s a breeze to operate and it’s the same with the G Flex2. It’s responsive, clear, smart and leaves very little to be desired. The Android interface alongside Google benefits make the phone far more customisable then with any iOS device and that is a big plus for us. If this is what LG are doing with the G3 and G Flex2, then we can’t wait for the G4.

lg g flex 2 phone review

The LG G Flex2 Review Summary

If you can escape the death grip of Apple or are looking for a change, then we’d highly recommend the LG. In our opinion it’s one of the strongest competitors out there. Although, with the G Flex2 you are only getting the phone for the curve and the rest is just the same as other, previous LG models.

Having said that, this can be looked at as just as much of a positive point as a negative one. Giving you the option of all of the same great features and functionality and the choice in whether the flex design suits your style or not is surely win-win right? Either way LG is a good way to go. It’s easy to use, impressively customisable and the high resolution screen makes it a real contender in a pretty close race with Samsung, HTC and Sony in the Android department. But what do you think? Leave a comment below.