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Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ10 Camera

Japanese photography kings Fujifilm has just announced the latest addition to their camera line-up. Named the instax SQUARE SQ10, the hybrid instant camera is built for the Instagram generation and is packed with photographic nostalgia, coming with a new square format film called ‘instax SQUARE Film’.

The Fujifilm SQ 10 is the first hybrid camera in its class to be equipped with both a digital image sensor and digital image processing technology. In short, this means the image quality and image editing is greatly improved. The new system allows users to get creative, artful when it comes to their snaps with intuitive interface designed especially for the SQ10.

Since instax cameras were originally launched in 1998, they’ve proved an extremely popular alternative to the Polaroid. So much so, the instax has been the world leader in the instant photography market over the past several years. The SQ10 takes the instax to the next level.

Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ10 Camera 2

The SQ10 comes with three main functions which are controlled at the top of the operation dial. Alongside ten different filters, there’s a vignette control and brightness adjustment, with users able to either set the functions to be used in advance or after shooting. You’ll also be able to zoom and crop images before printing.

As well as the ability to take brighter photos in low-light conditions, the SQ10 also improves close-up shots from a distance of up to 10cm with new functions such as automatic exposure control, human detection, and auto-focus.

The Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ10 is set to be released on 19th May for around £280. Head over to the Fujifilm Website for more details.

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