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The New Twitter Revamp
New Twitter Screenshots

New Twitter Screenshots

Some of you may have been lucky enough to get your mucky hands on the new twitter. Others may still be waiting in line to test it out. It has been quoted as the Facebook killer but let’s take a closer look as for most of us the wait could be a week or two…

The first thing you will notice is a wider homepage with a two column approach which crams in more information. The left hand column is your standard timeline you would expect to see with a few new tweaks. The right hand side is more dynamic depending on content and will include details, pictures and videos which you can read more about below. After that the changes are small, but still significant.

Media is the next big thing on the list with embedded video and pictures within tweets. Depending on the format of the link and media it will preview / open in the right hand column. This will only work on approved providers, currently alot of the big names are signed up including youtube, vimeo, Flickr etc. and expect more and more to be expected soon. For me this is one of the main features and improvements and everything works well. However it is not hugely different from my tweetdeck is it… ;-)

New Twitter Media Gallery

New Twitter Media Gallery

Search gets a much more prominent focus at the top of every page. No doubt trying even harder to push as your home, not just for your social lives, but also for your search requirements as well. We have been unable to test search so far so we can’t tell you if there are any additional filters once you get to the search results. But we do hope so!

Your timeline, @replies, retweets, searches and lists all appear in a neat navigation above the main content area which is currently your timeline. I am not sure why they have seperated replies and retweets, many people use via @xxxxx nowadays rather than RT and other ways so this may be confusing. I would have also liked to see a ‘total retweets’ for a particular tweet which doesn’t seem to be here. On a quick glance it may make it more difficult to filter and keep everything included with your username in the same place.

Twitter Shortcuts

Twitter Shortcuts

Interestingly direct messages have moved and are now located near the search. I wonder if this is to dis-courage people from using private messages? We use them alot as to not dilute our public feeds with a long string of conversation, but perhaps twitter view it differently and want to reduce the number of private messages? Again we couldn’t test this feature, it would be nice to be able to DM multiple users…

Tweets themselves are laid out in pretty much the same way which I think is the right move. Retweets are more clearly defined and all twitter names are accompanied by your real name (or what you entered). You can now also follow conversation threads to an extent. Within a click you can see the last response, however more clicks are needed if you want to view more which feels a little clumsy. It would be better for the whole conversation to appear on the RH side on a single click.

What’s missing?
There seems to be no add on for multiple accounts so for now apps are here to stay. People are complaining about no addition to the 140 character rule, and to those people I suggest you f*** off back to Facebook. You obviously haven’t grasped twitter at all!!

Although some really useful additions and features (particularly around the media side), we still can’t see why you would log on to the homepage rather than your all singing and all dancing app. And after an initial play we have no doubt you will be back to your twitter client before you can say #failwhale….

The New Twitter

The New Twitter

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