With technology progressing and illegal streaming becoming a real issue, tech mogul Sean Parker (the Facebook guy) has backed a start-up which aims to offer Joes a home set-top box which streams films on the day of their cinema release.

The Screening Room

The Napster founder is looking to get Hollywood studios and exhibitors on board to back the idea which is being called The Screening Room. The company is said to offer secure anti-piracy technology that will mean new releases at home the same day as cinemas, we assume just like streaming services such as Netflix.

It’s reported by various outlets that Joes who want to get involved with the Screening Room would be charged around $150 for the set-top box and then charged around $50 per viewing of a film and they’ll have 48 hours to watch it. They’ll also get two free real-world cinema tickets as well per view.

While no official details have been released, rumours suggest that production companies could receive as much as $20 of the fee, not to mention revenue from the free cinema tickets given away.

Screening Room Home Cinema Sean Parker
It’s still incredible early stages, but it’s apparently received interest from Universal, Fox and Sony, as well as the likes of bit hitters such as Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams and Martin Scorsese.

One of the biggest potential problems for the Screening Room, however, looks like is maybe the exclusivity they’re looking for. After all, Universal have strong ties to Comcast, while Sony and PlayStation may find exclusivity a step too far. $50 per viewing also sounds like quite a lot. Watch this space…

*Note – the feature image has no association with The Screening Room, of which no details have been officially released.



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