Whilst London is the obvious go to when it comes to tech and technology based jobs, there are plenty of upcoming tech hubs in other cities which whilst not give you the same base salary, are growing fast and could give you a much better standard of living.

The Top Cities for Technology in the UK

As creative / tech folk, we decided to do a little research and take a look at the top six cities for technology in and around the UK.

6. Manchester

The city often known for its music and nightlife is making its mark in technology with a number of new workspaces popping up. Hiring-Hub, an online platform that helps you manage recruitment campaigns and the Sharp Project, a workspace for digital entrepreneurs are just a few of the city’s notable start-ups.
Average Salary: £39,136
Average House Price: £166,951
Notable Companies: UK’s leading event ticketing platform Fatsoma, BetFred (one of the UK largest online betting shops) and the UK’s largest online shopping group, Shop Direct all re-side in the North West.

5. Birmingham

Birmingham’s canal mania returns, this time coining the phase the ‘Silicon Canal’. Leading the way in connecting tech communities in the city. And with 5 universities and 20,000 people employed in the digital space, Birmingham houses one of the largest tech hubs in the UK driving creative technology.
Average Salary: £36,212
Average House Price: £177,941
Notable Companies: Games company, Dojit has cracked the Chinese market with its fun and family friendly computer games.

Birmingham - Top UK Technology Cities

4. Bristol

Bristol has seen a massive increase in digital companies heading to the city over the last decade, most likely down to its access to more affordable housing, as well as pools of talent. Add to this a yearly average salary of £36,000, and it’s clear to see why it’s become so popular for techies alike.
Average Salary: £36,460
Average House Price: £297,657
Notable Companies: Home to HP’s main UK base and social media analytics tool SecondSync (owned by Twitter).

Bristol - Top UK Technology Cities

3. Edinburgh

When you think of Edinburgh you think of its iconic castle and vibrant arts festival, however, in recent years something else has given this historical city a new lease of life – its tech scene.

Although a relatively small city, with its population standing at half a million, in terms of start-ups, it is punching well above its weight. For budding developers and techies, Edinburgh has become a hotbed for young start-ups.
Average Salary: £40,127
Average House Price: £259,866
Notable Companies: Skyskanner, a search site that compares prices on flights, hotels and car hire.

Edinburgh - Top UK Technology Cities

2. London

The capital leads the way in the UK Tech Cluster Charts, with over 872 start-ups and 600,000 people working in the city’s technology sector.
And with an average salary of £52,982, it will be some time before London gives up its reign as the king of technology in the United Kingdom, or dare we say Europe! But given the high living costs, that £50K might not actually get as far as you would like!
Average Salary: £52,982
Average House Price: £527,349
Notable Companies: Google and Facebook have office bases in the capital.

London - Top UK Technology Cities

1. Cambridge

Home of one of the world’s leading universities, Cambridge, also nicknamed ‘Silicon Fen’, is renowned for its contribution to science and technology. With over 1400 companies and 53,000 people working in technology it’s clear to see why this city is being tipped to be one of the biggest contenders to knock London of its perch.

And with the Olympics in full succession we Joes just had to give Cambridge Gold as the UK’s top tech city.
Average Salary: £41,594
Average House Price: £436,932
Notable Companies: Chipmaker ARM and the fintech start-up Crowdsurfer.

Cambridge - Top UK Technology Cities



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