Tiktok and Lunatik iPod Nano Watch

Tiktok and Lunatik iPod Nano Watch

TikTok LunaTik iPod Nano Watch

A nice Christmas story here. Not only is this watch sexy as hell (I actually want an iPod Nano now!) but it has all came about in a pretty cool way. Scott Wilson had a dream! His dream was a sleek, classy wrist-strap / watch for the new generation iPod nano. However he needed funding for his project so headed over to Kickstarter, a website to help small projects and companies raise startup cash, originally asking for donations totalling $15,000 in 30 days, Scott smashed all Kickstarter records and raised over a massive 940 thousand dollars! From over 13,000 different people!!

On to the tech! Available in a variety of options, the main products will be the rubber TikTok at $35 and the aluminum LunaTik at $70. Obviously this excludes the nano! Overall we think these are a surefire winner, not just a sleek watch for everyday use, but you will be able to use the other nano functions for all your fitness and training needs, and apparently the thing plays music too. Right on!

You can go and pre-order the watch now at the official site and check out the video below.

TikTok+LunaTik from Visere on Vimeo.



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