Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve lost your keys or you’ve lost your bag? It’s a pretty traumatic experience, and can really ruin your routine and your whole day.

Tile Tracker Tags

The Tile Tracker Tag from Tile is a small and discreet piece of kit that attaches to anything you may lose on a regular basis including your door or car keys, wallet, bike, or man-bag. The concept is that if you are within 150 feet of the item that you have lost, your tile will alert you to its location through an app for your iPhone or iPad. It utilises the power of bluetooth 4.0, and will alert you when you are getting closer to your lost possession until you find it, and even has the facility to make it beep to help you locate it.

The app can track up to 10 items simultaneously, with the ability to save and share locations. The best part is that Tile works on a community basis so that if your report your goods as lost on your app, it will be shared to other Tile users, and if anyone else is in proximity to your lost item, the software will alert you to its location.

It may not help you find your phone, but it will anything else. At just £12 per Tile it is very affordable too, and has the potential to get a real trend going. Get more information at thetileapp.com



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