Thanks to Instagram, most of us now fancy ourselves as more than amateur photographers, and at one time or another, we’ve also all probably looked up at the stars and claimed to be amateur astrologers. Well, now you combine the two with the Tiny1, a camera built specifically for capturing the beauty of the night sky!

Tiny1 Astronomy Camera

Powerful enough to image deep sky objects but compact enough to fit in your pocket, the Tiny1 gives amateurs who can’t afford to fork out for telescopes or lenses the chance to experience the solar system in all its glory with one simple device.

The idea is that with the Tiny1, you’ll need less experience and, most importantly, far less equipment to shoot at such distances. Thanks to preset configurations, all you’ll need for a steady shot of the stars is the camera and maybe a tripod. While there are also a load of different lens options available to buy separately depending on your shooting preference, in theory all you’ll need is the Tiny1 and no cloud cover to get a decent shot.

Tiny1 Astronomy Camera 4
The Tiny1 also comes with all the star info you’d need with an Interactive Star Map to help guide you around the constellations effortlessly. It shows you the stars and constellations in real time and has a search function built in to guide you. Your camera will automatically be configured to the correct settings, so all you need to do is find the stars on the augmented display at the back of the camera and take your shot.

The makers also claim that Tiny1 is compatible with every lens out there, including DSLR, Mirrorless and even telescopes. A 200mm telephoto, for example, transforms into a 1400mm equivalent telescope with the Tiny1 attached – perfect for viewing the Moon!

Tiny1 Astronomy Camera 3
An accompanying app also updates you on the latest celestial events and local star parties, as well as allowing you to share your images directly with your favourite social media platform. You can even control your Tiny1 through Wi-Fi to reduce camera shake.

The Tiny1 astronomy camera is being sold on Indiegogo for around £310 ($399). You’ll need to be quick, though – funded stops today! Deliveries are expected in February 2017.

Tiny1 Astronomy Camera 2



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