Toasteroid Smart Image Toaster

Making toast is an easy business; put bread in a slot and pull a lever. So why would you possibly want to make it more arduous? Because of smiley faces on your toast, that’s why! Say hello to the Toasteroid, a smart image producing toaster!

Making toast with the Toasteroid might not be as easy as it is with a boring, old, regular toaster, but it’s still fairly simple: Via an accompanying app, you create an image or upload pre-set designs to your Toasteroid via Bluetooth. And that’s it!

Toasteroid is equipped with a load of features that are designed to prepare you for your day. As well as printing custom images on your toast, you can also do things like upload the weather forecast to save you the time, as well as even send toast messages to other users.

Toasteroid Smart Image Toaster 2
Toasteroid say that standard toasters just aren’t doing the job with an uneven brownness. Toasteroid eliminates this problem with their micro-filament heating technology, which they say spreads heat evenly. So in theory, you can control the form of your toast like never before – important stuff, we think you’ll agree!

Toasteroid Smart Image Toaster 3
We actually really like the design of the Toasteroid and it should fit seamlessly in pretty much any contemporary kitchen. You’ll also be pleased to hear that it does also produce normal toast without the use of your smartphone!

Genius or useless? We’re not entirely sure but it’s got us talking at least! If you’re convinced this is the greatest invention since… well… sliced bread, head over to the Toasteroid Kickstarter Page where it’s been funded/sold for around £45 ($59). If you need your emoji toast now, however, beware the Toasteroid isn’t due for delivery until August 2017!

Toasteroid Smart Image Toaster 4