If there’s anything the introduction of contactless payments have taught us, it’s that we’re not half a lazy bunch. Well, thankfully our lives are about to get even easier thanks to a minimalist ring. Using Bluetooth and NFC, the Token Smart Ring promises to replace everything from your wallet to your car keys.

Token Smart Ring Wants to Replace Everything in Your Pocket

The Token Smart Ring is aiming to replace everything in your pocket. Thanks to Bluetooth and NFC pairing, the ring can work as your contactless wallet, your car keys, your travel cards, and even your passwords.

Naturally with anything like this, security is the first problem that springs to mind. To combat that, the Token comes with a fingerprint sensor on the interior of the ring, so you can securely unlock it when you put it on, while an optical sensor that automatically locks it back when you take it off.


It’s also got a decent sounding battery life, standing at two weeks. That means whether you’re using it on one of the 50 worldwide transit systems it’s synched (another 30 transit systems are going live in 2018), unlocking your car, or simply paying for a meal, you won’t have to worry about charging it every day.


The Token Smart Ring retails for around £190 ($249) and is available in three different colour options to suit your style; Brush, Black Rhodium, and 14K Rose Gold, with the latter two being an extra $50. The add-ons such as DoorLock and CarLock are also an extra $100 each.

Whether you like the idea or not, it’s clearly struck a chord with someone as December pre-orders for this year have sold out. There’s more planned for the spring of 2018, so head of to the Token Website to keep an eye on activity.




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