The luxury Italian brand Tonino Lamborghini are turning their hand to the smartphone market with their new limited edition Antares. The product launched last week and will be sold exclusively at Carphone Warehouse in Selfridges, London.

Tonino Lamborghini Antares Smartphone

The luxury smartphone market is in a difficult time as a market. It used to be able to define itself by the quality of its build and the power of its specs. However in recent times, cheaper smartphones no longer suffer a disadvantage in technology with a huge dip in the cost of chips. Phones such as the iPhone 5 and the HTC One, for example, are generally accepted to be cutting edge and apart from the finish, as high end as you can get.

The Antares has a stainless steel handset with PVD coating. It has a leather back and comes with either gold, silver or black finishes. It’s customised with an Android 4.2 interface and has a 4 inch display with a 960 x 540 pixel revolution. At 170g though, it does sound a tad on the chunky side.

Mr. Gianluca Filippi, CEO of the Tonino Lamborghini Group, added: “Antares is designed to match instantly recognizable Italian flair with great performance and stunning materials. Together these qualities speak to our exclusive design heritage, one that communicates the spirit of the ‘Raging Bull’ that adorns our crest.”

It’s clear that Tonini Lamborghini is all about the brand. But what sets apart the Antares to other smartphones on the market? As far as we can tell – very little. It doesn’t offer you the exclusivity of the Vertu, for example, which acted like a membership card as much as anything else. There are few exclusive apps to be had baring the Yamaha music app and it doesn’t sound like the Android interface is customised to any great degree.


It’s fair to say that the design of the Antares is divisive. This isn’t any great shock as most luxury brands will divide opinion. After all, they have to stand out. It certainly has flair at least. But when you consider that the smartphone will set you back around £2500, we’re gobsmacked that plastic accents were even considered on the handset.

From what we can tell, nothing about the Antares is state-of-the-art either and we can’t justify recommending spending that sort of money on something that isn’t. But much like most luxury market phones – this is all about the statement. If you can afford to make that statement, and are more convinced than we are, head down to Oxford Street and pop in to Selfridges.




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