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Following on from my previous posts about twitter, today I thought I would continue the top 10 theme by covering my top 10 celebs on twitter. To be honest I am not a big celeb fan, infact more of a hater but these are people who tweet often and usually interesting or funny stuff!

Ashton Kutcher is the most followed individual on twitter, and last week became the first person to break 1 million followers, just ahead of CNN. Whether he will continue tweeting with his new found popularity is yet to be seen but provides some funny and quirky insights into the world of Hollywood.

UK presenter Jonathan Ross is actually quite a breath of fresh air on twitter, he makes jokes, is controversial and replies to alot of tweets. Is it all him? Who knows, but apparently so. I am waiting for a Richard Brand collaboration twitter wind up….

Shaquille O’Neal is the all-time superstar basketball player. Noted on twitter for being honest and rinsing other celebrities. He also claims to have no ghost writers and all tweets are pure him!!

English comedian Jimmy Carr provides dry and controversial humor nearly every day, about his life, time on tour and general jokes. Have seen this guy live a few times and he is hilarious. Not for the easily offended though…

Lance Armstrong, winning Tour de France in a record-breaking seven consecutive years and is now back on the bike following his recovery from cancer. His tweets are honest and dedicated. After breaking his collarbone last month he actually tweeted about it using his other hand and blackberry within 2 hours!!

Boris Johnson – well what can you say? I love the frankness and honesty of this guy in his interviews. Yes the recent dispatches TV show was a bit detrimental, but if you put an advert in the paper for ‘who hates Boris’ you are going to get everyone abusing him!!!

Needing no introduction, the Virgin founder is a media machine! Constantly reinventing himself and Virgin to be one of the leading brands in the world today. The only surprise? He (they) have not utilised twitter and social networking as much as they could have. Sir Richard should be in the top 10 twits on twitter, but is nowhere near. Type in his name and he doesn’t even come up as they forgot the space in his real name…

UK presenter Phillip Schofield seems to have been pushed back into the limelight recently after renewed fame on twitter. Offering insights and fun for all the family….

He used to be one of the most followed people on twitter but seems to have become a victim of his own success… Honest, opinionated, intelligent and funny tweets are still there which made Mr Fry so popular, but now you also get ‘walking down the road’! Don’t get me wrong I am one of his biggest fans but his tweets have got worse! I have included him as there is still good stuff and he helped bring twitter into the mainstream in the UK.

American comedian and avid twitter user, as a celeb always plugging his own stuff but some good info and jokes in there to boot! And I needed to do something more for my American readers….

Well there you have it, my top 10 celebs on twitter. I am sure there are many more and I understand everyone has different tastes, but give them a whirl and see what happens. Oh and you probably want to add me @stuartflatt i’m not a celeb and have no aspirations to be but I will make you laugh and provide inspiration I hope :p

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