Let us help you get fit and keep your phone in hand, with our pick of the top 10 fitness apps. There are absolutely hundreds of apps out there across all the major platforms (no, I don’t include Blackberry), to help get your ass in gear. We’ve tried and tested so many that we thought we should give you our top picks for the best fitness apps…

Top 10 Fitness Apps

Run Keeper App (iOS & Android)

Possibly our favourite activity tracking app. It’ll measure your runs based on GPS, tracking speed, incline, distance and pace. You can track your monthly progress, input data manually if you’re on a treadmill and then compare with a friends list (and nudge them to get working too). It will also track other exercises. Easier on iOS as the Android UI is quite clunky.

Nike Training Club App (iOS & Android)

Has long been a favourite of ours for its sleek design, ease of use, and amazing workouts. Its not a small app though, as it downloads over 250mb of workouts to your device when you set up. Once you’re set up, it couldn’t be easier, and being a part of the Nike+ environment is always great for interacting with others.

Calorie Counter App (iOS)

Fitness, as everyone will tell you, isn’t just about cardio and weights. Its about ensuring you are eating right as well. Whether that’s high protein intake to bulk up, or low calorie to slim down, the calorie counter will help keep track of your consumption. Input by scanning barcodes or picking from their list couldn’t be simpler and it really does help in keeping you focused and on the right path.

Zombies, Run! App (iOS & Android from £1.49)

This is a personal favourite, mostly because it combines zombies and actual exercise. #1 Rule in Zombieland? Cardio. That’s right, the fatties get eaten first. This app keeps you motivated through tracking GPS and run times to complete missions, enhance your base of operations, and to get you to literally outrun the zombies. Great fun, great run! Sometimes the Zombies can be a bit too fast though, and we may have had to fend some off on more than one occasion.

Strava Cycling App (iOS & Android)

The cycling equivalent of Run Keeper in many ways. It tracks your GPS to measure speed, distance and elevation so you can keep a record of your past cycling routes and journeys. It also lets you compete against others who have travelled the same road or segment in the past to really get you going.

Couch to 5K (iOS & Android)

If you are only just starting to run, it can be really hard going to build up the stamina and endurance in your legs. The couch to 5k programme comes in app form which will truly guide you through the process, keep you motivated, and ensure that after 12 weeks you are really ready to run a solid 5k. Possibly the greatest fitness app ever created for the newbie!

Nike+ Running App and Nike+ Fuelband (iOS)

A great motivational running app from Nike to keep you running. Compete against friends with the challenges feature and track your own bests to beat yourself (or share via social media). A beautifully simple interface makes it easy to use. The GPS could do with some work though. Couple with your Nike+ Fuelband, you can really keep motivated and on top of your own goals outside of simply just the run.

Tabata Timer App (iOS & Android)

Tabata exercises have become the latest exercising craze, or at least we seem to think so. Whilst you’re busy focusing on all your hardcore, quick fire exercises, it can be easy to miss the time if your mid kettlebell swing – fortunately this app will help you keep it all tight and ensure the most efficient Tabata training.

Runtastic Range App (iOS & Android)

Runtastic isn’t just about running anymore, its about all over fitness. Whilst not a huge fan of their running app, the others, including squats, push-ups, chin-ups and sit-ups are fantastic for improving strength and stamina in these areas. They help build you from 0 to 100 (or more) sets over a set time frame. Its hard work, but worth it. Unfortunately doesn’t help with an all over work out!

Fitness for iPad: Personal Trainer (iOS, iPad)

This is the best personal trainer app we’ve come across. It costs, and its on iPad, but its worth it. You input your stats and your goals, and it’ll work with you to plan exercise routines to help achieve your goal. Track your progress and you can adapt your programme as you go. Sure, nobody stands there motivating you, but as a virtual PT, its fantastic.

There we have it, our top 10 fitness to help you get in better shape this summer. Let us know what your favourite is, or if we missed any, or just your PB’s in the comments below!



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