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After missing last week (Holiday) I am back, most of this was written to go out last week but I then went to South Wales and couldn’t get phone reception, let alone a connection to the net!

Following my previous 3 posts, I thought we would build a ‘top 10’ trend, based on various areas and genres. Today is my general top 10 to follow based around tech and the internet;

Not just about the tech, but this guy makes me laugh as well. Great posts on bits like design, twitter, the internet and pretty much anything else newsworthy. Not to mention always helping people out with retweets etc.
Bio – Ask no questions, find no answers, live with problems.

Some really great tweets from Jay on things like gadgets, films, trends and the net. Really good general overview of all things tech!
Bio – Tech-Culture / Mobile Lifestyle Trend Hunter, Magazine Columnist, Digital Journalist, Social Media Editor

This dude posts some very cool stuff and generally all things I am interested in. Whether it be gadgets, cars, tech, health or women, K will be tweeting about it. Check him out now!
Bio – Contemporary Artist/ American painter and startup CEO. Also enjoy museums and drinks with friends.

Great guy, with great tips and tweets about design and social media. Also I am not sure if he ever sleeps as I have never remembered a time I have been online and Calvin hasn’t!!!
Bio – Self-Proclaimed Media Ho, Designer Guy and Twitter Addict. In his spare time, Stunt Doubles for the Hulk and a really Nice Guy! You can even ask Chris Brogan

Very well respected tweeter, blogger and SEO ‘guru’. Mainly tweeting about the internet and how to get the best from your website and blog. Definitely worth as follower, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro. Really knows his stuff and always show appreciation to good posts with re-tweets etc.
Bio – I’m the kinda guy that shoots from the hip if ya know what I mean. I’m Also The H-Town SEO guy. …I was riding a cloud the other day….

Mainly known for his blogging and social media expertise, very friendly guy who has become huge on twitter and other social media sites. Always willing to help out and share his tips.
Bio – President, New Marketing Labs, a social media agency and education company.

Uk based ‘Matt’ (obviously!) tweets a lot of cool and interesting things about the net, marketing and social media. Definitely worth a follow, and not just for those in the UK!
Bio – London and Surrey based online marketer, SEO and social media junkie. Part time blogger full time timewaster.

One of the first people I started following on twitter, software tester by trade, tech and photo nut the rest of the time! Apparently one of the most followed tweeters in India.
Bio – Meet a Constructive mind on a Destructive Mission. A S/W Testing Consultant who asks Questions to find Defects in Software and usually gets Paid while doing so!

Promoting anything and everything good in the tech world, from search and the internet right through to gadgets and the iPhone.
Bio – Creative AD, Ducati-riding family dad with too much need for gadgets and the desire to be the best husband and father I can be. LFC – YNWA!

If I am honest I didn’t want to choose big ‘corps’ or anything similar but I have really come to love mashable in the last few months. Not to mention it all started in a tiny town in Scotland! Check them out for anything media, web and social.
Bio – Follow Mashable for the latest news on Twitter, social networking and social media.

And if you got this far, then you should also be following me @stuartflatt….

Ideas for the next top 10? Should you be in this one? Let us know in the comments below.

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