Top 5 Festival Apps

We find ourselves in the height of summer, and with it comes the peak of festival season. Wireless, Lovebox and Glastonbury may be distant memories, but with Bestival, V and Reading still to some, we have 6 weeks of amazing music, awesome friends and lost tents…

Yes, we all love the festival experience, but as we become more reliant on our mobile phones, we need to make better use of them. First up, go get yourself a battery pack, and after that download our top 5 festival apps!

Find My Friend

Was a little bit of a fad when first launched and you could stalk all of your mates, however it does have an element of use when you can’t find them at festivals! Make sure you are all ‘friended’ up before the event starts, and then instead of worrying about them answering, just check the map and take a look!

The only problem you may find is it is quite data and 3G reliant, and that is never a good thing at a festival, so you may have their rough location, but finding them to the person may be a little more tricky! If you run out of battery, it does leave your last known location though which can be handy if you have passed out on a puddle of mud…

Tent finder

A great little app for marking out not only yours, but all of your favourite tents! Maybe those with a beer funnel, of your favourite food establishment?? Save all your favourite places on a pretty slick interface and even share them with the world using your social media channels, or direct to your friends.

Again, the app needs data and a pretty reliable signal again, but we didn’t find it overly data hungry and worked more often than not, the one we tested also had a built in torch for iPhone which is a must at night-time. A must have festival app.

iphone tent finder and torch app

O2 Tracks

Probably our top app, and one we are still using (even as we write this), O2 tracks is fantastic. Immediate and reliable access to top 40, it’s completely free of charge for O2 and even non O2 customers. Auto-updates every week with the latest top 40 and you can listen through different pre-set playlists such as ‘new releases’. It’s the perfect sound track to your festival weekend.

Battery Life

More interesting than useful in our honest opinion, but if you are unsure of the go-to battery saving options like turning off Bluetooth, 3G and the like, then it is well worth a look.

Using battery and power information, Battery Life shows you how long your phone battery will last under different usage. Taking photos, video, using 3G or just texting. It is quite indepth, and the added bonus is you can turn off a list of battery heavy features in app directly as well also offering other battery saving advice.

However we can’t help but feel starting an app to monitor your battery life and usage might be a little ironic?



Needing no introduction, the Twitter owned app has taken the world by storm and re-invented online video in the past 6 months. Perfect for capturing short clips of your festival weekend, and with a little creativity you can make some epic short videos that grip your viewers with pure entertainment.

Our tip is to remember you can record little parts by just taking your finger off the screen, then record a different view, person, thing and put it all together. If you haven’t joined the Vine craze, we really suggest you should. 6 seconds of loop fun.

And don’t forget, you only need 3G or Data to upload the videos, you can still record and queue for uploading later!

There we have it, our top 5 apps to make your festival experience more enjoyable, more fun and ultimately more memorable. For a few more, and quirky view of some of the ones we have featured, check out the video below from O2 Gurus, it’s quite funny don’t you know.

Just remember, take a spare battery pack and don’t spend all weekend on your phone or your camera, it’s all about you, the experience, and being there. Don’t miss out!